A Passion for Curiosity

Creating art that shares the joy and wonder of the often-unseen treasures of our natural world

The structure of my books includes the natural materials of Kachemak Bay, such as shells, and unusual folded hexagonal books with salmon skin covers.

Nibs and ink were my first foray into the arts and continue to be incorporated. Commissions are accepted.

I am particularly excited about my pigment making process that utilizes natural materials such as rocks and shells. This process is ages old and there are amazing archeological examples of uses of this type of pigment in rock paintings throughout the world: Mayan, Egyptian, Incan, Plains Indians, and Inuit Peoples have left art on rocks, walls, and in caves. They utilized blood, egg, and crushed minerals/rocks with animal fat to create their medium. Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet have their own special pictographs which have been studied and explored as a cultural heritage.


Alaska brown bears, humpbacks, orcas, and all manner of life in the intertidal zone find their way into my camera lens. Gallery coming soon.

Hand-woven bands are created on an Inkle Loom to be used as book ribbons, book closures, keychains, and more. I incorporate color palettes that are influenced by natural elements, bird plumage, and marine life.

My inspiration

The rhythm of the Kachemak Bay tides resonates with my soul. My spirit is enthralled by the cycles of the life and the seasons that surround me. I create my art to share those feelings, those connections, with others. By incorporating diverse disciplines and natural materials, I reflect the variety and beauty of the ecosystem of Kachemak Bay. My art is a lens, an entrance, for individuals to begin to explore their own inter-connectedness to this world and to begin their own journey of pondering and creating. 
Small details are important to me. This is reflected in my choice to work in tiny scales. My books and calligraphy are typically smaller than 3 or 4 inches. Even the ¼” wide book ribbons for the bookmarks and book closures are handwoven from dozens of fine threads on a small inkle loom. But, small doesn’t mean simple. Each component is carefully collected or created: paint is handmade from rock pigments, seaweed is pressed into paper, responsibly collected bioephemera are incorporated into details. I focus on making exquisite small treasures that will attune people to the scale of things in the world that they may walk past and never see, much less value.

I incorporate material from the natural world into my book structures, weaving, and paints with the goal of creating awe, wonder, and inspiring curiosity.

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